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Engineered Blood Vessels, TEVG, Tissue-Engineered Vacsular Graft


More ethical in vitro testing today.

Combating cardiovascular disease tomorrow.

Reducing the Use of Animals in Medical Device Testing

Animal models are routinely used in the development and testing of vascular medical devices. However, these are limited in their replication of human anatomy and physiology, and raise serious ethical issues.


Frontier Bio is developing lab-grown tissue-engineered blood vessels (TEBVs) as an alternative platform for testing the safety and performance of vascular medical devices.

Tissue-Engineered Aneurysm in a Bioreactor
Neurovascular MRI Image

Natural Vessel Geometry & Pathology

Our unique manufacturing methods enable the creation of living blood vessels with the complex shapes seen in the body, including bends and branches.

We are also able to recreate vessel deformations due to disease. Our tissue-engineered aneurysms (TEAs) are being explored as a platform for testing vascular medical devices as an alternative to animal studies.

The Next Generation of Vascular Grafts

There is a great need for replacement blood vessels for vascular grafting in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and trauma, affecting millions.


Frontier Bio is working to adapt our TEBVs into vascular grafts suitable for clinical applications. These will include cells from the individual patient and can be produced in bespoke geometries for personalized solutions. 

Tissue-Engineered Vascular Graft
Blood Vessel Mimic

TissueMimX™ Vascular Simulation

TissueMimX vessels are synthetic blood vessel models for use in pre-clinical medical device development and surgical training.

They have mechanical and handling properties similar to natural blood vessels and also respond to electrosurgery. TissueMimX™ vessels are a great alternative to cadaveric or animal tissues.   

This work was supported by the National Science Foundation, Mayo Clinic, and America's Seed Fund (SBIR program)

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